About Us

edUNIFY is a project by Site for Smiles and Smarts, a global organization founded by Fez Zafar in 2014.

Created with the mission to build bridges between classrooms around the world through the click of a button, edUNIFY facilitates collaborations and discussions among students in a secure, teacher-monitored format.

Through edUNIFY, students have the ability to learn about one another's cultures, countries, and ways of life in an engaging platform that allows users to broaden worldviews. At a time when international division continues to reach new heights, edUNIFY effectively builds global unity in an educational format.

Teachers of language, social studies, and even mathematics may register with edUNIFY to supplement classwork, as the website is geared toward learning in all subjects. With a comprehensive list of recommended ways through which teachers can use edUNIFY, educators can efficiently maximize positive impacts upon students.

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Getting Started

Welcome to edUNIFY! Below, you can watch videos and read step-by-step pages to learn how to register your school, create your classroom, and begin a global collaboration.

Note that teachers and students must be registered by a school administrator.

Classroom Services

Learn how to use edUNIFY for your classroom by selecting your subject below.


"It's set up in a way that should be helpful and easy for everyone willing to use it."
- Ikra, Student

"A great way to promote inclusion and connectivity."
- Jaden, Student

"Helpful toward connecting students and educators globally."
- Holly, Student

"The website will allow students to broaden their perspectives at a critical time when they are building their worldview."
- Aarushi, Student